Undiscussables.com is an emergent project that has been born out of our collective interest in relatively uncharted territory – the world of undiscussables and the possibilities that lie in empowering the ‘mighty mouse’ to speak up, making things discussable and exploring both the positives and challenges of that journey.

Undiscussables is independent and non-commercial. The project is not funded, powered solely by a human spirit of collaboration and a healthy blend of pragmatic optimism and positive disruption.

We’re more about the business of asking questions through the delivery of inspiring content than building business, but who knows, in time both might be true. Our primary role is to catalyse action around elephant spotting and empowering the voice of the mighty mouse. We also want to talk to people about this and create a dialogue to stimulate broader outreach.

We are interested in discussing undiscussables with:

  • Human resource professional and their networks
  • Like minded others – consultants and change makers
  • Activists and game changers
  • Academics
  • Media and journalists
  • Individuals in human systems where undiscussables have had a negative impact and who in the process of trying to be the mighty mouse have suffered as a consequence, or who have an experience of naming elephants to share

Any one of the above might be interested in contributing content to the site, partnering or collaborating in a number of ways – perhaps joining the team or acting as an ambassador/advocate in new countries to broaden our scope.

We’re all ears and on the look out for champions who believe in making undiscussables discussable, as well as offering a channel and support to those mighty mice out there who have tried (or are trying) to speak out – whether the context is sport, business, politics, community, religion… the list goes on and on, and that’s what’s fascinating.

If this feels like you, then reach out and connect.