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“Supporting whistleblowing” is less about policies and more about leadership… and you

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The rhetoric around how to support whistleblowers in the public sector is evidence of how to answer a question without placing responsibility where it truly lies.

According to a Guardian report today:

Whistleblowers who risk their careers to uncover wrongdoing within public services are being victimised by managers who nearly always escape sanction, a public accounts committee report will say on Friday.

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August 01 2014

The normalisation of not speaking out

When the BBC run yet another story about the abuse of people in care, it begs the question: how come we are so habituated to not speaking out? Read more →

May 06 2014
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Hidden power: the political undiscussable

Where does the authority to make decisions in a government really lie? Is it with politicians, or do those who work in administrative posts long before and after Ministers or Secretaries of State have left wield more power than we think? Given Edward Snowden‘s recent revelations concerning the National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA and the impact of that story globally, this is more than an academic question. We talked to one of the UK’s most interesting thinkers in the sphere of democracy and participation to get his view. Read more →

July 21 2013

Is truthfulness a competency?

As human beings, we tend to ignore the elephant in the room because we fear the consequences. Truth is a time bomb; the fuse is lit, and when it goes off we’ll all get blown to bits.

Really?… It could just be that when it blows there’s nothing more than a lovely colourful (and perfectly harmless) foam fountain. Why do we fear the worst? Read more →

July 17 2013
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Did somebody mention strategy?…

In organisations big and small it helps if a) there is a plan and b) people are told about it. Typically that is what ‘strategy’ is supposed to be about – but what happens if no-one knows what the plan is, or indeed if there really is one?…

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April 03 2013
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