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Bystander effect: would you behave differently?…

The Bystander Effect is something that we have discussed before, and this is a particularly good example. Read more →

September 19 2013

Hidden power: the political undiscussable

Where does the authority to make decisions in a government really lie? Is it with politicians, or do those who work in administrative posts long before and after Ministers or Secretaries of State have left wield more power than we think? Given Edward Snowden‘s recent revelations concerning the National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA and the impact of that story globally, this is more than an academic question. We talked to one of the UK’s most interesting thinkers in the sphere of democracy and participation to get his view. Read more →

July 21 2013

Navigating the Jungle of Opinion & Valley of Fear: naming undiscussables

Working with groups in the territory of undiscussables is quite something. It, invariably and understandably, results in conversations that are coloured by the lived and felt experience participants bring relative to their own ‘undiscussables’. The focus I bring is less on the undiscussables themselves, more the conditions that support us to leave things unsaid and hidden. This gives the group and me the safety and flexibility to talk around what matters, without feeling an obligation to reveal all. That is important.

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May 01 2013
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