A list of literature we’ve cherry-picked from the knowledge-scape of elephant spotting and managing organisational relationships. Explore, learn, enjoy, and let us know what we have missed.


Top Five Resources

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Tate, W (2003) Organizational Shadow-side Audit. Cambridge Strategy Publications



Table 1: Elements of the two sides (extract from The Organisation Shadow-Side Audit (Tate) Source: Tate, W (2005) Working with the shadow side of organisations. Developing HR Strategy. May 2005


Easy Access

Online articles and quick reads.

Grenny. J (2010) Five crucial conversations corrupt safety. ISHN. October 2010

Grenny, J (2011) Handling Make-or-Break Conversations. Business Week. 23 September 2011

Tate, W (2005) Working with the shadow side of organisations. Developing HR Strategy. May 2005


Academic articles

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