At the OD Network Europe Conference 2014, I ran a session on ‘undiscussables’. The slides contain some useful stats…

Not least, from the Roffey Park Management Agenda 2014 research, the mere witnessing by a manager of misconduct increases the likelihood of them leaving the organisation by 13%. (Disclosure: I work at Roffey Park, plus you need to register to receive the report). Add to that:

  • Circa half of all managers in the research witnessed misconduct in their organisation.
  • Half of those chose not to report it.
  • And a fifth of board members also did not report.

There are some other stats in there from Public Concern At Work that make salutary reading e.g:

  • 83% of workers blow the whistle at least twice, usually internally.
  • 15% of whistleblowers raise a concern externally.
  • 74% of whistleblowers say nothing is done about the wrongdoing.
  • 60% of whistleblowers receive no response from management,either negative or positive.
  • The most likely response is formal action (disciplinary or demotion) (19%).
  • 15% of whistleblowers are dismissed.
  • Senior whistleblowers are more likely to be dismissed.
  • Newer employees are most likely to blow the whistle (39% have less than two years’ service).

Still think that it is easy to speak out in organisations?….