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Is truthfulness a competency?

As human beings, we tend to ignore the elephant in the room because we fear the consequences. Truth is a time bomb; the fuse is lit, and when it goes off we’ll all get blown to bits.

Really?… It could just be that when it blows there’s nothing more than a lovely colourful (and perfectly harmless) foam fountain. Why do we fear the worst? Read more →

July 17 2013
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How not speaking out is ‘hard wired’?…

I went to a book launch this week, for Embodied Leadership by Pete Hamill – a great writer, and, in the interests of full disclosure, a friend. During a talk about how he came to write the book, Pete suggested that whilst most of us like to think that we would have the courage to speak out, the reality is that the vast majority of us are in a group that don’t. Read more →

June 28 2013

Fallibility, flogging & undiscussables – an unholy trinity

In the UK, there is currently a great deal of soul searching regarding how to prevent what happened in one part of the National Health Service recurring elsewhere. Any death is a loss, those that were preventable arguably more so. When things ‘go wrong’, the calls for more to be done to prevent mistakes seems to start from the assumption that the volume of errors is both excessive and inherently preventable.

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June 13 2013
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Did somebody mention strategy?…

In organisations big and small it helps if a) there is a plan and b) people are told about it. Typically that is what ‘strategy’ is supposed to be about – but what happens if no-one knows what the plan is, or indeed if there really is one?…

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April 03 2013
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Sticky plasters for sticky times?…

Large organisational cultures can often get so wrapped up in their own operational mechanics, that they lose sight of what is changing around them and how to adapt and innovate.

A lot has changed in the NHS landscape since 1948 – and the big question is whether really the model fits with 21st century living.

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March 02 2013
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“Profits down? Shh, we’ll just lower the target old-boy”

Craig describes how a charisma-led culture has blinded a multi-national technology firm to its failing performance. Read more →

December 10 2012

How even a small undiscussable can have a big impact…

A retired technical trainer opens up about a colleague’s untidy behaviour, how this became an undiscussable, and the impact on people and the organisation. Read more →

November 22 2012