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A rarity: an organisation discussing undiscussables

Undiscussables Opinio Piece

I am off today to work with an organisation at their leadership conference. 500 people. Lots of different spaces, conversations and activities for them to engage in.

And one of those is going to be on the theme of ‘What makes things undiscussable around here?’ That is a rarity in my experience. Not just an organisation that recognizes that understanding people feel they can’t always speak their truth – however big or small – but is willing to provide a space for inquiry into what conditions might be in place that create that. They don’t even know how big a problem it is, indeed whether there are any undiscussables in their system.

But the simple willingness and courage to give permission for this inquiry is striking and unusual.

January 28 2016
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Margaret Heffernan on the ‘bystander effect’ – would you do any different?

The Bystander Effect we have discussed here previously. Margaret Heffernan is one of the key authors in this field, and this talk is  useful and powerful. Read more →

October 30 2014
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“Supporting whistleblowing” is less about policies and more about leadership… and you

Undiscussables Opinio Piece

The rhetoric around how to support whistleblowers in the public sector is evidence of how to answer a question without placing responsibility where it truly lies.

According to a Guardian report today:

Whistleblowers who risk their careers to uncover wrongdoing within public services are being victimised by managers who nearly always escape sanction, a public accounts committee report will say on Friday.

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August 01 2014

Ethics, misconduct and the need to walk out the door

At the OD Network Europe Conference 2014, I ran a session on ‘undiscussables’. The slides contain some useful stats… Read more →

May 15 2014
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The normalisation of not speaking out

When the BBC run yet another story about the abuse of people in care, it begs the question: how come we are so habituated to not speaking out? Read more →

May 06 2014
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What links love, sex, & intimacy to Edward Snowden & whistleblowing?

Undiscussables Opinio Piece

Is there a relationship between our individual capacities for speaking the truth, and the patterns we see in organisations and human systems in general? If we can’t discuss the undiscussable with our loved ones, what does that mean for our workplaces? Read more →

February 11 2014
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Bystander effect: would you behave differently?…

The Bystander Effect is something that we have discussed before, and this is a particularly good example. Read more →

September 19 2013

Is truthfulness a competency?

As human beings, we tend to ignore the elephant in the room because we fear the consequences. Truth is a time bomb; the fuse is lit, and when it goes off we’ll all get blown to bits.

Really?… It could just be that when it blows there’s nothing more than a lovely colourful (and perfectly harmless) foam fountain. Why do we fear the worst? Read more →

July 17 2013
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