An ‘undiscussable’ is a taboo subject that cannot be talked about openly without fear of consequence, whether real or imagined. It is the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’.


The purpose of Undiscussables.com is to spot elephants, share stories, inspire shifts in behaviour, instill courage and move beyond an era of “the less said, the better.”


We offer a platform for people to discuss undiscussables in the workplace and beyond. We seek to understand how and why undiscussables exist, reveal the benefits of naming the elephant over remaining silent, and challenge the status quo. We publish case studies provided by people from various organisations.

We also publish stories where the elephant in the room has been named; examples of what happens when the truth is out.

  • What stops people from speaking out when they sense or know that something is unjust?
  • What conditions in organisations allow a culture of undiscussability to spread, and prevent people from making a challenge?
  • What can organisations, and leaders, managers and staff within them, do to change things?
  • What are the patterns that we see in society as a whole that reflect these behaviours, and what needs to change in order for people in all industries, sectors and professions to become better able to name the elephant and have straight, open conversations?


Undiscussables.com seeks to disrupt. To create new conditions for catalytic change in society, a shift from fear to empowerment in the workplace. If there’s one creature the elephant fears, it’s the mouse.

So what about you?

If you have a story or case study you wish to share, please go to the contact page, preferably having read this first, which will tell you in more detail what we are looking for.